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TOTAL ELECTRIC CO was founded in 1994 with 100% private capital. The main field of activity is manufacturing low voltage electrical distribution equipment and automation.
Over the years, the company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experience in design and build solutions for electrical switchboards and automation, project management services and related engineering works.
Our objective is to always deliver products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.
We have a broad portfolio of successfully completed projects across a range of sectors including Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, Industrial, and Healthcare.
We have built our reputation on our client focus and hands-on approach.
We have a strong reputation for our competitive edge and reliable execution of all projects undertaken. This is achieved through our relentless attention to detail and an experienced team.
We have been listed in the top ten Romanian Companies in our field of activity for many years. We would also like to note with professional pride and satisfaction that, at the end of 2019, our company’s performance was formally recognized by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which selected our company in the first place at national and municipal levels.


We continue to invest in modern and sustainable business practices and solutions, management techniques, project engeneering and also in our company infrastucture in order to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of our activity domain.
At the end of 2019, the year in which our company celebrated 25 years since its establishment, we  relocated the business into a new facility at 29 Metalurgiei Boulevard, District 4, Bucharest.
Our headquarters is located on 4200 sqm of land, of which: 1200 sqm are dedicated to production, storage areas and technological flow, 600 sqm for offices, 400 sqm for social utilities, 1200 sqm for parking, truck access and traffic management, and more than 1200 sqm of green space.
The Total Electric Co team, consisting of over 45 employees, of which the majority with over 15 years experience in manufacturing low voltage electrical distribution and automation equipment, has increased its production capacity and operates from a modern and well equipped premises, with the objective of continuing to  enhance the quality of our products and solutions and our customer’s satisfaction.
We continue to invest in our team’s training to maintain their skills at the highest professional level in the field. This way we can ensure that our customers benefit from the use of a very skilled and experienced team that provides an extremely professional and competitive approach to all our electrical projects.
Our Quality system is fully integrated into our management process through a comprehensive set of procedures and controls which are documented in accordance with ISO 9001.


With an average of 30 employees in the factory, the company has a production capacity of over 2000 units per year. We have the capacity of simultaneous equipping over 100 separate sections of electrical switchboards in our new production facility.
We offer to our clients sustainable and economical technical solutions of high-performance with equipment of latest generation and maximized reliability in operation.
Most of the equipment supplied is based on specific projects, so that all our solutions are fully adapted to the technical requirements of each project.
Our solutions are applicable in various areas, such as:
• Commercial and residential buildings, educational, governmental or industrial buildings, parking lots, warehouses, etc.
• Hospitals and clinics
• Industry, including the oil industry, cement industry, milling & bakery industry
• Water treatment plants
• Underground and overground railway transportation
• Marine transport
• Other areas not listed above
We integrate in our solutions BMS and HVAC equipment, industrial control with Programmable Logic Controllers including programming software and SCADA visualization dedicated to each application.
Together with the supplied equipment, our clients benefit from the As-Built technical documentation issued with dedicated software which comes to complete the technical or operational projects.


Our Administration and staff are totally committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management Systems governing our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Codes of Practice.
These systems are documented and continually reviewed and improved in line with industry best practice.
Our Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental management system and ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems, and is fully audited and certified.
The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority and we are continuously measuring our environmental footprint to minimize impact.
The design and construction of our new headquarters, production facilities and the outdoor arrangements have been made in the spirit of caring for the environment and creating exceptional working conditions; Our buildings are surrounded by over 1300 square meters of green spaces with lawn, shrubs and trees, flowers and other plants.
We are also very proud of our new outdoor conference and training room, situated on a 1000 square meters lawn, where team-building activities and recreational activities are organized for our staff and business partners.

Building Solutions

Electrical switchboard is a electrical panel,it is composed of main circuit breaker,Curent transformer,relay,isolators, voltmeter,busbar ,switch disconnect devices.

The functions of switchboard

The rated current of the low voltage Switchboard cabinet is an AC50HZ, rated voltage 380V distribution system.

The main function is to distribute power,the voltage through the transformer is distributed to each power unit,used for power  and lighting distribution in the low voltage distribution system.

1. It is convenient for reasonable configuration of power supply.

2. When a fault occurs on the line, it is helpful to control the fault range and it is convenient to quickly find the fault point and eliminate it in time.

3. It is convenient to arrange the line maintenance for slicing without the need of large-scale blackout.

4. It is convenient to arrange various protective devices such as fuses to prevent short circuit and air switches to prevent overload in the distribution cabinet.


Building Solutions

A low-voltage network or secondary network is a part of electric power distribution which carries electric energy from distribution transformers to electricity meters of end customers.

Secondary networks are operated at a low voltage level, which is typically equal to the mains voltage of electric appliances. Most modern secondary networks are operated at AC rated voltage of 100–120 or 230–240 volts, at the frequency of 50 or 60 hertz.

Operating voltage, required number of phases (three-phase or single-phase) and required reliability dictate topology and configuration of the network.

Electric power distribution systems are designed to serve their customers with reliable and high-quality power. The most common distribution system consists of simple radial circuits (feeders) that can be overhead, underground, or a combination.

Distribution transformers or secondary transformers, placed along feeders, convert the voltage from the medium to a low voltage level, suitable for direct consumption by end customers (mains voltage).


Building Solutions


Building Solutions

Our customized HVAC solution provides control over heating/cooling, ventilation, air condition, water temperature etc. We can provide a personalized solution to fit all types of different building sites. Every project is designed strictly according with our costumer’s wishes and requirements. smarti®’s hardware solution also comes standard with unique user friendly software for control and intelligent operation.


Industry Solutions

Throughout most industrial operations, electric motors play a critical role in driving conveyor belts, pumps, compressors, agitators, fans, and other critical infrastructure assets. As the number of motors in process plants increases, management and monitoring of such assets is critical in preventing core process errors such as the proper mixing of ingredients. Motors also account for about 70 percent of the total energy consumed in a process plant. A strategy that links motor control, automation, and energy management, therefore, can help plants to simultaneously reduce costs while increasing production.

Motor failure can be expensive as it can cause plant stoppages, damage to equipment, and risk to people or the environment. Robust connection and communication between the motor and the automation system plays an important role in minimizing instances of motor failure. In addition, overall energy costs are reduced when energy data from motors is monitored so that function can be better aligned to workload.

Most companies fail to pursue the strategy of Integrating motor control, automation, and energy systems because of the perceived technical complexities. However, seasoned systems integrators with knowledge in all three of these domains can help plant operators to combine and optimize these systems, thereby helping to drive profitable production.


Industry Solutions


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Our cabinets are custom designed depending on the characteristics of the customer’s network, following the requested specifications.

Using remote-maintenance, we connect remotely and from anywhere in the world so as to assist and advise our customers. With this integrated service, we obtain the best results for piloting our equipment, together with the best yields with more power and less energy consumption.

As integrator and user, we constantly optimise the processed tonnage / consumed kW ratio and continuously monitor the evolution of the norms.



We are able to provide a consistent range of the products in the Inverter Cabinets and Enclosures. Our team is able to provide a large consignment of deliverables to the clients. The products having different power rating are well known for their performance. The raw material procured are from some of the best procurement agents. We have a large consignment of quality experts that are able to find a long lasting corrosion free characteristics. These products find a global clientele.


Electrical Projects Industry and HVAC Panels

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On Site Switchboards Assembly

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Smart Home and Building KNX Programming












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