Therme Nord Romania , a successful story

Therme North Bucharest is a unique building, both from a design and architectural point of view. The structural and architectural solutions employed in the project emphasize the concept of ambiance and provide a complex indoor experience.

In order to provide sufficient light for the exotic garden, and also provide a completely unique experience to visitors, three facades of the building are glass-fronted. The roof in the Palm area is retractable and the laminated wooden roof structure in the Galaxy area spans more than 50 meters, without the use of additional supporting posts.

The entire green area is 18,000 square meters, out of a total of 37,000 square meters. There are 1,200 trees planted inside the parking, which has 1,800 parking spots. Therme hosts, both inside and outside, the largest palm forest in Europe – 1,500 palm trees sourced from 6 countries, which remained more than 700 days for acclimatization before reaching their final destination in Romania.
Total Electric Co was selected as the sole contractor to build, deliver, assembly and wire all electrical switchboards, distribution panels and smart building automation panels.
We are very proud to advise that Total Electric fulfilled all our Customer expectations and contractual obligations and we are honored to have been part of this exceptional Project in Romania.